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            Address: Yaogang Avenue, Yaojiagang Chemical Industrial Park, Zhijiang City, Hubei 443200, China

            Tel: +86-0717-4913139

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            Zirconia Polishing Bead

            Publish Date:2015-05-28


            Produced by Electric Dissolving Method, the Zirconia Polishing bead may be used in the surface processing in Turbine industry, car industry, aerospace, metal processing, mobile and communication, etc.

            Chemical Constituent Wt% Physical Properties Parameters
               ZrO2 65% Density 3.9g/cm3
               SiO2 30% Stacking density 1.4g/cm3
              other 5% Hardness Mohs(HV) 7.0
            Size 205、120、60、40、30、20(Or custom-made)
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